Hi, I'm Candice Cai!

An Experience & Product Designer

Quitime is an application designed to help heavy smokers quit smoking in an easy, effective, and economic way. The application helps users manage and extinguish their smoking cravings through unlimited, free Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT) services presented in audio, video, and text formats.
Role: UX & Visual Designer
My Contributions: competitive analysis; debrief research and generate persona; interaction design; visual design; prototyping; usability test.
AR Design Practices
This is a collection of my weekly AR design practices.
Tools: Unity 3D, C#
An Mobile App helping reduce unnecessary purchase on potential "unwanted" clothes and encourage users to recycle "unwanted" clothes to both save users' money and maintain a sustainable world.
Role: UX designer & researcher
Mobile design, mobile app + physical product, service design
Want to cook multiple dishes quickly at the same time, just like a professional chef? With this mobile / mixed reality app, you can view and listen to the cooking steps (video + audio) on selected dishes. No need to open multiple recipes and spend time tracking each steps.
Role: UX Designer & Researcher
Mobile App, Mixed Reality, audio/voice design
Audience Discovery - Bluekai
Audience Discovery is a tool that can help users not only discover new audience, but also grow, analyze, and optimize current audience groups. Users can improve their marketing campaign performance and then increase their return on marketing. The original web app allows users to run the audience discover report each time on one "audience", which defined previously as a group of audience on one specific topic, and then return a list of categories (consist of audiences) showing several important metrics that can indicate the value of each category to the users.
Role: UX researcher, designer & developer
My contributions: User research; Interaction Design; Prototyping (programming via JS, HTML, CSS, NVD3)
Physical Computing: SmartCafe
We designed and implemented a smart cafe that can receive signals from Gateways in Arduino, and make response to it. When "zombies" are approaching, it will show a message on LCD screen, making buzzing alert, red LED alert and attack the zombie with chocolate beans. Moreover, the burglar attacking system, which is activated after receiving attack signal, activates two traps in the front and the back of the house.
Physical Computing; Arduino; Sensor; Hardware design
My contributions: I design and build the whole circuits and systems, including the hardware and software (programming codes) parts.
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